Pimex on action

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    A quick registry so that we can start optimizing our clients’ needs but, quite honestly, also to see how our own business is growing

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    Creating an account

    The first thing we have to do is create an account based on for instance the type of product or service you’re offering. Bear in mind that you could create different accounts in case you would like to differentiate between each product and/or service.

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    The first steps in the configuration

    Fill out the basic information regarding your product or service and add a logo that helps you to identify it later.

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    The integration with your website

    With this step it would be great if you had any experience with programming, however, don’t worry as at the end of these instructions you will find what your webmaster needs in order to link the website with the tool. He or she simply has to follow the instructions and that’s it!

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    To work!

    Once you have configured your account, you will start to see how the contacts will commence to arrive directly from your webpage to the tool. They can be filtered by date and time of arrival, name, e-mail, phone and the digital channel through which they have found you.

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    Automatic responses

    Within the configuration section you could find automatic responses with which you can create a template for an e-mail. You could also make your own personalized message that would get to your prospects at the very moment they leave their information. In this way none of your clients remains unattended.

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    Unity makes strength

    Once you have set up the account, you can invite more users that work with you in the wonderful world of Sales. According to your needs you can assign them permission of what they can see and/or do within the platform.

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    The history of what occurred

    In the history section you can revise the changes that happened within your account when for instance you weren’t present. This assures you to not lose or miss out on any events that have taken place in the past.

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    Analytics and the end of a period

    For the end of a period (what you consider to be adequate; monthly, quarterly, etc.) you can go to the Analytics section and revise the development of your accounts based on the sales figures, channels through which the sales were generated and response rates.

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    Now you know how to create an account at PIMEX. You only have to repeat the process in case you want to add more products or services. Let’s start monetizing your leads in an easy way!

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