Analyzes and organizes your potential customers.

Insights and answers in real time.

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Get the best results out of your digital Marketing campaigns

We understand that monitoring all your digital campaigns and closing sales at the same time can be an agony. Therefore it is time to simplify things!

Organize your SEO and SEM leads

Detailed analytics regarding your prospects

Real time updates on the status of your leads

Automatic responses to newly arriving leads

The first steps are the most important

Forget about all the complex data and abbreviations (e.g. CPM, CPC, etc.) that your Sales people have to know with respect to your Marketing campaigns. Let them dedicate to what they’re good at doing: selling your product!

Try it for free as long as you need

We would like to receive your opinion and you getting to know us better. Therefore you can use our application free of charge. You will only be charged for the more advanced options within the platform.

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